10 hacks to find top HomeAway deals

Planning a vacation is no mean feat. From picking the perfect destination for that long overdue break to ‘checking into’ the most happening neighborhood, the process can turn into a rather tedious task. Little wonder then why it’s said that you often need a holiday to recover from one! But on a more pertinent note, how do you ensure that your holiday has ticked all the right boxes? Thankfully, HomeAway ensures vacation planning is fun and not just another chore. What’s more? There are some really smart tools you can use to discover the best properties and amazing HomeAway deals to ensure you get the best value for the time and money you spend on your holiday.

1. Trending destinations:

HomeAway trending destinations
Check our ‘Trending Destinations’ to know what’s hot

You need a break, but you’ve run out of ideas. Inspiration is here! Our trending destinations feature helps you choose between cities with beaches, hills, shopping havens or the ones with some staid, old charm. Discover what the talk of the town is, all with a simple click!

Discover the trending destinations from your country

2. Preferred neighborhood:

HomeAway Kuala Lumpur
HomeAway apartment at walking distance from KLCC in Kuala Lumpur

It is prudent to stay closest to where the action is. Unless of course you’re the sort who prefers a quiet, quaint experience on a holiday. Either way, our neighbourhood search helps you pick between both. The right neighborhood also ensures proximity to the must-see locations on your itinerary, so if you are able to find just the right apartment at walking distance from the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, you know whom to thank.

Select your preferred neighborhoods for a holiday in Kuala Lumpur

3. Choice of amenities:

HomeAway villa
Private pool villa in Phuket

Travelling with families or kids and worried about child-friendliness of the property? This is where we beat your standard hotel room. Our most popular choice of amenities – ‘family/kid friendly’ – ensures that properties with high stairs or unsafe water bodies get filtered out. At HomeAway we even hear stories about home owners leaving behind toys, coloring books, and puzzles for their little guests. You can filter all search results by the amenities you need during your stay, and we do the rest. Need to be connected to the internet all the time? Select ‘Wifi’. Traveling with a water baby? Select ‘Private Pool’. In the mood to cook up some of your favorite recipes once in a while when you travel? Select properties with a ‘Kitchen’. The list is endless.

Search for surprisingly affordable private pool villas in Phuket here.

4. Experience selection:

HomeAway Bangkok
Filter HomeAway properties by type of experience

A romantic holiday for two or a party-all-night kind of getaway – select your holiday home based on the holiday experience you want to have. And HomeAway offers a wide range! Choose from experiences like beach, traditional, scenic, luxury, romantic, group, nature and more. If you are a gang of girls going on a holiday with a single aim of shopping, just select ‘Shopping’ in the Experience filter and you’ll be all set with a beautiful HomeAway bang in the middle of the shopping districts.

Search for HomeAway deals in the shopping districts of Bangkok here

5. Concierge services:

HomeAway Bali
HomeAway Concierge Service to customize your stay in Bali

Anyone who loves traveling probably loves Bali. We adore Bali too. So, To meet all your unique requirements at this beautiful Indonesian paradise, we offer the advice of our local Bali experts. Tell us your travel dates, leave us a message with your unique needs and voila! Our Bali experts will shortly be in touch with recommendations on fabulous properties, well within your budget, that you must consider staying at. So when you say, ‘easy dolphin viewing’, we exactly know what to recommend.

Contact our concierge desk for Bali

6. Awesomeness:

HomeAway Krabi
Krabi beachfront villa

Need we say more? We rate properties on this wow factor, making it convenient for you to ditch the routine of multiple searches. The awesomeness score for the listed homes on our site factors in multiple parameters like price, quality of listing, reviews from previous travelers and more, all to offer you the best possible deals and great value for your money. If you don’t believe us, check out these awesome HomeAway homes in Krabi !

7. Book an entire home:

HomeAway Singapore
Book an entire apartment in Singapore

We understand that a holiday, more often that not, is an opportunity to spend some real quality time with your loved ones – be it your family or a bunch of friends you’re meeting after a long time. Staying at a hotel or sharing a home with other travelers or the host might not exactly set your world on fire then. If you love your privacy, then go for the option of booking an entire home. Just select the ‘Entire Home’ filter on your search on HomeAway.

Search for an ‘Entire Home’ in Singapore

8. Judge from reviews:

HomeAway Tokyo
Tokyo HomeAway apartment with raving reviews

Reviews left behind by guests can go a long way in helping you make up your mind. From tips and hacks to some brilliant suggestions, you get a sneak peek into what your stay could be like. We take this seriously, and we suggest that you should too! We’d certainly not be worried staying at this Tokyo apartment after checking out it’s glowing 5* reviews.

See reviews for Tokyo HomeAway apartments

9. Instant Booking:

HomeAway Taipei
Scores of HomeAway properties in Hong Kong with Instant Booking

Experience, neighborhood, reviews, pictures and the price – if your dream property has checked all these boxes, then we make booking a mere one step process. No need to send a request to the host and wait for a confirmation. Just click on the ‘Instant Booking’ button and you’re all set to make your reservation. Who says life has to be complicated?

Explore properties with ‘Instant Booking’ option in Hong Kong

10. Last minute HomeAway deals:

HomeAway Deals in Taipei
Look out for discounts and last minute deals on HomeAway

And finally, on to our favorite hack. Finding awesome properties at even better prices. Fancy making impromptu getaway plans? We love the sense of adventure in our travelers, and our last-minute HomeAway deals cater to just that. Make that trip, and book your place with these oh-so-yummy discounts on select HomeAway properties. Be also sure to sign up for our newsletter at the end of this article to have handpicked HomeAway deals and offers delivered straight to your inbox.

Look for last-minute HomeAway deals on homes in Taipei City


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