5 Sakura Viewing Locations in Tokyo

Tokyo represents the most cutting-edge hallmark of Japanese ingenuity – ultra-modern living with flawless utilization of limited space. But the city, and Japan in general, is as traditional as it is modern. And when it comes to the centuries-old tradition of celebrating the beauty of sakura, the country’s unofficial national flower, people leave aside all their modern tools to catch a glimpse of their precious!

We don’t want you to miss out on this blossoming spectacle, so here’s a list of the best sakura spots in Tokyo:


Several cherry trees (think hundreds!) decorate the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace around Kitanomaru Park and together constitute a spectacular sakura feast for the eyes. You can even rent a boat to sail through the placid waters and enjoy the view at a leisurely pace.

Meguro River

If you’ve seen the animated movie, Life of Buddha, you will recollect a scene where the Buddha walks and flowers on both sides of his path bloom spontaneously as he makes his way. Cherry blossoms dot the riverside, and the path makes for a lovely walk in and around the area, making it an ideal sakura spot.

Yoyogi Park & Shinjuku Gyoen

Yoyogi Park is one of the most popular destinations in Tokyo, and serves as an overall entertainment destination for rock music fans, comedians, jugglers etc. Spring season witnesses thousands of people since it serves as an ideal sakura spot.

Home to several cherry trees of myriad varieties, Shinjuku Gyoen is a treat for sakura spotters. Spacious lawns, tranquil atmosphere, and generally pleasant weather around the time make it a perfect destination to view sakura in all its blossoming glory.

Ueno Park

Over 1000 cherry trees line the central pathway of this park, which is immensely popular in general but even more so during the cherry blossom season. Unlike its quieter counterparts, this park is super lively due to the constant crowd year around and serves as a great picnic spot. It is also famous for the many museums on its ground and is home to Ueno Zoo, Japan’s first zoological garden.

The first flowers in Tokyo are predicted to be seen by March 18th this year and a full bloom is expected by March 26th.

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