Top 10 HomeAway Features as Preferred by Travelers!

As part of the world’s largest vacation rentals family, we work with you in creating the perfect home for your guests on holiday. Apart from providing home-like comfort and familiarity, certain amenities can go a long way in making their stay perfect.

So our research team did some data crunching, and compiled a list of features that matter most to travelers.

When you’re listing your home, highlight the availability of the following:

1) Wi-Fi/Internet:
The internet is indispensable. After all what is a holiday without check-ins, Instagram pictures, and ‘getting-away-this-Monday’ tweets! So make it a point to mention whether Wi-Fi is available (ideally, it always should be) and the speed too. Print the password out and make it easily accessible so that guests don’t need to contact you for it.

Comfort factor: Put in range extenders to ensure coverage across the house.

On the checklist: Internet bills are paid on time.

2) Air-conditioning:
This may not be critical for HomeAways in countries that are cold throughout the year (in which case a heater would be essential). But if your home is located in sunny Singapore or any other hot/humid country, an AC is a must. Do ensure that the servicing is up to date; the remotes are working; and are placed where they can be easily seen.

Comfort factor: Keep some universal remotes that work for all units across your home.

On the checklist: AC remotes have working batteries. Ideally, provide a back-up of batteries too.

HomeAway holiday home

3) Kitchen:
Travellers choose HomeAways over hotels for a home-like environment, and a well-equipped kitchen will make your property more appealing to a potential guest. Do list out features in detail like dishwasher, electric kettle, coffee machine, cutlery, wine glasses, microwave, fridge, etc. If you have space in your home for barbeques, don’t forget to put in a mention.

Comfort factor: Stock your kitchen with non-perishable essentials such as coffee, tea bags, sugar, salt, pepper, etc. In case you also want to provide perishable items, do indicate expiry dates.

On the checklist: Garbage bags and garbage disposal instructions. Also, let your guests know about the availability of drinking water.

4) Television:
If there is one amenity that is most common across homes in the world, then it is the television. No reason then to give this one a miss in your home and listing.

Comfort factor: It helps to have one set in the living room and smaller units in bedrooms, allowing larger groups an option to choose their entertainment of choice.

On the checklist: Usage instructions and extra cables are made available.

5) Washer/Dryer:
Clean clothes are non-negotiable for everyone, and it is ideal to have your home equipped with a washer and dryer. Also, keep a clothesline and laundry basket for your guests.

Comfort factor: Make an iron and ironing board available.

On the checklist: The instruction manual is placed on top of the machine and the detergent powder/sachets are located close to it.

6) Family/Kid-Friendly:
HomeAways are often the first choice for families and large groups. Your home must be child-friendly and if there are any toys, board games, gaming consoles, etc., do let your guests know.

Comfort factor: The little details also matter, such as a high chair for babies, baby proofing material, and door locks.

On the checklist: Earmark areas unsafe or dangerous for babies, like water bodies around your home.

7) Parking Included:
Many travellers opt to hire a car, or may even be driving down to your home in their own. The parking space around your home should ideally have place for at least one car. If there is no parking spot available, include details of the nearest spot where guests can park their vehicle safely.

Comfort factor: If there is a stand for motorcycles/bikes/cycles as well, do mention it.

On the checklist: Include parking charges in your listing, if any.

8) Cable TV:
On vacation, entertainment is on top of the to-do list. From movie marathons to TV series bingeing, holidays are perfect for just that. Include details like whether you have Cable TV, a Netflix account, Apple TV, and the like. Ensure that all the remotes are working properly.

Comfort factor: If you have a gaming console like the PS4 or Xbox, list the games available.

On the checklist: Remotes are working and in proper condition. And subscription fees have been paid.

9) Private Pool:
While certainly not critical, do flaunt it if you have it! Since it does feature on the wish list of quite a few travellers. A private pool is a great attraction for potential guests, who’d like to unwind after a long day out in the city. If there is swimming gear available, do let your guests know.

Comfort factor: Mention details like indoor heating, depth of the pool, saunas, etc.

On the checklist: Pool maintenance records must be updated.

10) Heating:
This is important for colder countries and even the warmer ones that get cooler by the evening. As for all appliances, do ensure that the instruction manual is located close to where the heater is situated.

Comfort factor: Central heating systems are ideal. Also ensure that the auto cut-off   feature is available.

On the checklist: Heater has been serviced.

The little details differentiate a good listing from a great one. Moreover, it’s not just about getting a guest to book your home once. The experience should be such that your home becomes a go-to choice for the same traveller who in turn will recommend it to others. Incorporating most of the above features will ensure the satisfaction of your guests, which in turn will ensure a happy and healthy bank account for you!


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