Awesome Travel Destinations for 2018

Travel brings Power and Love back to your life. – Rumi.

Make 2018 a year to remember with a journey to a destination you’ve never been before. Picking a destination for your trip is the first step to planning a memorable vacation. Here are 10 destination suggestions to make 2018 a year to remember.

1. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul packs a variety of sights, sounds and experiences for every kind of traveller. Its rich cultural heritage, architecture, natural sights and culinary delicacies make it truly a traveller’s paradise.

March–May and September–November have the best weather conditions but Seoul offers different kinds of sensory feasts every season. April’s blossoms lend a magnetic and special beauty to this great city. In Summer, indulge in some authentic summer special coolers. Traditional festivals and great seasonal produce warm both  the heart and stomach in Autumn. In Winter, Seoul and surrounding mountains tranform into a white wonderland where you can engage in winter sports of all kinds.

Pyeongchang County in South Korea is preparing to host the 2018 Winter Olympics from 9 to 25 February 2018. Make Seoul your base for experiencing this mega sporting event and make it a trip to remember.

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2.  Hokkaido, Japan

If your travel dreams for 2018 feature a beautiful island away from all the hustle and bustle, head to Hokkaido. This pristine land with lush forests, crystal clear lakes and exotic blooms will awe you with its magnificient nature vistas and rejuvenate your soul. Hokkaido has some of the best National Parks with abundant life and geographical wonders.

Hokkaido has a special beauty in all the four seasons. Infact, this gorgeous island hosts more than a 1000 events every year to showcase its splendor at different times of the year. From the Sapporo Snow Festival to the Mombetsu Ice Floes Festival and the Furano Lavender Festival, you can take your pick on when to visit. The food is delightful and the people friendly.

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3.  Boracay, Philippines

If you are looking for a destination for a picture-perfect beach vacation in 2018, book your tickets to Boracay. White sands and blue waters serve as the perfect backdrop for colourful sailboats and laidback days. If you are looking for a more active vacation, there are several watersports to set your adrenalin pumping. Come sunset and the island is bathed in the best pink and orange hues. The evening atmosphere is electric with great beach parties, live performances and a choice of the best food and drink.

The best time to visit is from November to May with the temperatures wavering between 25 and 32 degrees.

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4. Tainan, Taiwan 

Tainan gives you an authentic Taiwanese experience replete with history, architecture, culture and food. The place has a unique old world charm that instantly transports your mind into a state of content calm. There are very well preserved temples, churches, canal-side houses and several other historic places of interest. Take your tastebuds on an exhilarating trip with several unique dishes that originated in this region. 
The best time to visit Tainan is in the winter when the climate is in between 25 and 29 degrees and it is fairly dry. You can also plan your trip around the main Taiwanese festivals.

5. Dubai, UAE

When you want a mega vacation filled with everything that is the best, the biggest and the most luxurious, there is no place on earth like Dubai. For an indulgent vacation head to this maximum city. From the tallest buildings to the largest man made islands to mammoth shopping festivals, Dubai pulls out all stops to make sure your experience of the place is spectacular and memorable. From super futuristic skyline to traditional souqs that transport you to an ancient time, there is no dearth of contrasting opulent experiences in Dubai. A luxury cruise or a camel ride, a desert safari or a state of the art indoor ski park…you can pick your way to get spoilt.

The best time to visit Dubai is between November and March.

6.  Okinawa, Japan

If your idea of a day in heaven comprises enjoying pristine waters, diving among spectacular coral reefs in ideal tropical weather, exploring uninhabited islands and meeting people uncorrupted by commerce, then a vacation in Okinawa is a must-do. The unspoilt natural beauty, the wide variety of animal life and great food will relax frayed nerves and refresh you. The music, arts, architecture and lifestyle is very different from the rest of Japan.

If you are intimidated by the crowds and sky-rocketing costs during peak season in Tokyo and Kyoto, Okinawa is a great base to enjoy the beauty of spring and autumn. Cherry blossom season here begins late January.

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7.   Busan, South Korea

Busan is a sea-side port that is blessed by nature and a buzzling hub that hosts various events that unite people from across the globe. Rugged mountains, beautiful beaches, hot springs and geographical formations make this gorgeous South Korean city a great destination for 2018. This city is fondly called South Korea’s summer capital. Great food and an electric atmosphere with great shopping and a year around calendar of international events has helped it gain popularity among travellers from all parts of the globe. The people are warm and friendly and the atmosphere is truly cosmopolitan.

The weather is most favourable during the Spring (April and May) and Autumn (October and November).

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8. Ko Samui, Thailand

9. Hong Kong

10. Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin is a destination that entertains and enriches you without making a huge dent on your travel budget. This beach destination offers much more than beautiful palm fringed beaches. A flourishing art scene, cosmopolitan atmosphere, international destination themed amusement parks, golf courses and delectable food : Hua Hin packs a lot of punch in a small area. The town is well connected by public transport. Go whale watching or take a nostalgic trip down Hua Hin Tique Walking Street. There are plenty of unique experiences you can get on a budget in Hua Hin.


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